Zebra and Snake: ‘Big Bad Drummer’ - official music video (2010)


Directed by Juho R.A. Lähdesmäki
Camera & color: Juho R.A. Lähdesmäki & Eino Anttila
Edit: Antti Reikko
Produced by Stereotype Helsinki

Direct Vimeo link:

Zebra And Snake in collaboration with Kaiku Studios Berlin release the digital Nighttime EP on 2 July 2010, featuring five tracks produced by Kaiku Studio’s Jonas Verwijnen (LCMDF) and Janne Lounatvuori (Norman Palm). The track ‘I Felt Nothing’ features as the visiting producer Timo Kaukolampi (OP:L Bastards, K-X-P, Annie). The tracks on EP have been published one by one at music blog. There are also nine remixes from such as Obi Blanche, Hannulelauri, Femme En Fourrure and Helsinki 78–82. Other remixes are from Emperatron, MoiMoiMoi and MVSEVM.

Zebra And Snake have also lately produced remixes for such British artists as The Good Natured, The Apples and Superhumanoids, also for Finland’s Le Corps Mince De Françoise. 

Artist: Zebra And Snake

Title: Nighttime EP

Label: Kaiku Studios Berlin

1. We Never Go When We Have To

2. Weaker Arm

3. I Felt Nothing

4. Big Bad Drummer

5. Modern Art