MAT101: ‘Tecnologia Casuale’ (1999)

MAT101: ‘Arcade’ (Adult. remix) (2000)

MAT-101: ‘Danni Morali e Fisici’ (1997)

From “eNiAc EP” released on Nature Records in 1997.

MAT-101: ‘Zilof’ (1999)

"From ‘Goodbye Mum!’ released on Balance Records in 1999. Mat101 is a Rome-based electronic group, formed by Mario Pierro, Francesco De Bellis and Emiliano Tortora. They have been releasing tracks since 1997, on both Italian & European labels (Nature Records, Plasmek, Millennium). Their music style is a mixture of electro beats, old arcade videogame tracks & some 80’s new wave mood. The first full-length LP is called "Goodbye mum" and features 13 tracks… it has been published by Balance (Nature + Plasmek together)."